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By maintaining one or more 3a accounts, you’ll increase your expected retirement pension while saving on taxes at the same time.

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Together with the advisors at our partner Zurich Insurance, we will show you individual options for increasing your expected retirement pension while also saving on taxes.

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By making a voluntary purchase, you can close pension gaps while at the same time saving on taxes:

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Components of your pension

CHF 3’619
CHF 344
CHF 627
Your monthly pension (rounded)
CHF 4’590

For the pension calculation, your expected pillar 1 pension (AHV) for unmarried persons (uncapped), the expected pillar 2 pension (BVG minimum, standard in many companies) and the indicated assets are aggregated in pension form.

In doing so, we use simplifications and statistical information. You are welcome to discuss your pension situation in more detail in a (video) consultation.

Welcome to the online pension calculator.

Would you like to make your dreams a reality even into old age? Get an overview in just five minutes with the Vita Pension Calculator:

  • You will learn what amount will be available after retirement
  • You can play around with simulated scenarios
  • You will get concrete tips on how you can begin to strengthen your retirement income today

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Personal details


Why gender plays a role

Why gender plays a role

The salaries paid to men and women over the course of their professional careers are still not uniform. We take account of this in the calculations.



What impact do these gaps have?

What impact do these gaps have?

Employees who have paid all of their AHV contributions each year from January 1 of the year after they turned 20 until they reach ordinary AHV retirement age will receive a full pension. However, if they did not pay these contributions without interruption or if their annual salary was less than about CHF 4,500, there will be an AHV contribution gap. This will result in lifelong pension reductions.

Further information can be found here.(



How does a third pillar help me?

How does a third pillar help me?

With pillar 3a contributions you save for your retirement flexibly and on a tax-deferred basis. The calculation model assumes there is an employment relationship.

Further information can be found here.

Pension fund


Where can I find this value?

Where can I find this value?

Pension certificate

You can see the exact value of your current retirement assets as of the end of the year on your pension certificate. The Vita Joint Foundation shows this value under the header «Savings capital».

Further information can be found here.



What impact do children have?

What impact do children have?

Having children is a wonderful gift. However, they usually reduce an individual’s rate of saving. By the time a child turns 20, he or she will have cost as much as CHF 200,000. Is this the case with you, or will you continue to be able to save the same amount?

If you already have children, the financial effects will already be taken into account in your monthly savings.


What expenditures are you planning?

What expenditures are you planning?

For example, are you thinking about taking a trip around the world, taking time off, buying a new house, paying off your mortgage or buying a new car?



An early withdrawal of the AHV pension is possible from 62 (woman) or 63 (man) years on at the earliest.


How is this related to my pension?

How is this related to my pension?

Your desired retirement age and life expectancy affect the amount of your retirement pension.

Your life expectancy also depends on your health – take care of yourself.

A man who is currently 50 years old will, on average, live to be 83, and a woman 86.

Part-time work

100 %
80 %

What impact does this have?

What impact does this have?

Reducing your level of employment affects the level of retirement assets in your pension fund.

Need for action

High level of action required

Based on statistical evidence, your expected gross monthly salary before retirement will be around CHF 5’900. Your expected retirement pension is only 78% of this amount. Your expected retirement pension will be at about the Swiss average.

This is likely too little to maintain your standard of living reached until retirement.

Upon retirement


Expected monthly wage
CHF 5’900
Need for action
CHF 1’310
Monthly pension
CHF 4’590